For the first time in years, there will be a rare sunrise eclipse. Only part of the U.S. will get to see it. Luckily, that part will be in Central New York.

On June 10, 2021 a picturesque partial solar eclipse will begin the day. The Sun will come up over Northeast U.S. looking like a crescent Moon. The best place to watch is from a waterfront location with a clear horizon, especially along Lake Erie.

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed
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A little farther north, in Ontario, Canada a “ring of fire” eclipse, where the Moon slips perfectly across the Sun to leave a ring or annulus around the Moon can be seen.

“A bucket-list item for many eclipse chasers is to witness a sunrise or sunset annular solar eclipse at maximum eclipse,” Michael Zeiler, an eclipse cartographer, told Forbes. “This unearthly sight will be remarkable because the Sun will appear as a thin squished ring, heavily refracted by the dense atmospheric column at the horizon.”

It will not quite completely cover the solar disk, instead turning the sun into a thin "ring of fire," visible only in remote, sparsely populated, often hard-to-reach parts of northeastern Canada, Greenland, and Siberia.

If you can't make it to any of those areas to see it for yourself, it'll look like this...

Sunrise coinciding with the peak of a solar eclipse is a rather rare occurrence. It has only happened twice in New York in the last 150 years - September 1875 and October 1959.

Partial eclipse begins at 4:12:20 AM
Full eclipse begins at 5:49:50 AM
Maximum Eclipse is at 6:41:54 AM

Set your alarm so you don't miss it. And don't forget your glasses. Experts say it's absolutely essential throughout the entire eclipse to view through a safe solar filter.

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