Def Leppard and Stone Temple Pilots offshoot Delta Deep will release a live album, East Coast Live, on Jan. 26. The band also released a new lyric video for the song “Bless These Blues,” which you can watch above.

Delta Deep includes Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, STP bassist Robert DeLeo, singer Debbi Blackwell-Cook and drummer Forrest Robinson. Their self-titled debut album came out in 2015.

“We’d sit around playing acoustic and just singing,” Collen said back then. “[Blackwell-Cook has] just got this amazing voice. It led us into peoples' front rooms, like with an acoustic, and we did a little charity thing and everyone’s going, ‘Wow, where can we buy this?’ And we’re going, ‘We have no idea -- it’s just kind of us goofing around.’ So we started writing songs and when we got the band together, it took on a completely different light.”

Collen also noted, in another interview, that the band's music was "extreme blues, or we're calling it alternative roots, 'cause it's really over the top. It started off being bluesy, but when we started recording electric, it ended up sounding more like Led Zeppelin. I mean, it's still obviously me playing guitar, but it's a very different approach. Not knocking a lot of the blues stuff that's around these days, but it's very tired and the same old thing. What we're doing with this, it's very aggressive. ... I've never heard blues like this. It almost sounds like Rage Against the Machine does Muddy Waters, if you can imagine that."

East Coast Live is available for pre-order now. Take a look at the track listing below.

Delta Deep, 'East Coast Live' Track Listing
1. ”Black Dog"
2. ”Bang The Lid"
3. ”Miss Me"
4. ”Treat Her Like Candy"
5. ”Black Coffee"
6. ”Burnt Sally / Rock Me Baby"
7. ”Whiskey"
8. ”Shuffle Sweet"
9. ”Private Number"
10. ”Bless These Blues"
11. ”Mistreated"
12. Forrest's Drum Solo"
13. ”Down In The Delta"
14. “Band Intro"
15. “Feelit"

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