A Delhi waste management company has been shut down temporarily after town officials say the operation needs to obtain a planning board permit for violating the Zoning Law in operating a landfill or dump. According to the Delhi Community Compost facebook page, officials address the complaints about rodent infestation and there being a driving hazard...

"Yes, we DID have a rodent infestation, but it’s been under control since the beginning of February. The driving hazard hasn’t been an issue for months, since we moved the trailers that were parked on the edge of our property and had blocked the line of sight of those pulling out of Rider Hill. Yes we do need a special use permit, but we didn’t know that it was required until we got the letter from the town. If we had known that we needed one, we would have applied for it when we officially formed the LLC in May 2019."

To view the DCC's full statement on this, visit the Delhi Community Compost facebook page. There’s been no word on when the facility will re-open.

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