Just like everywhere else, COVID-19 cases numbers are climbing rapidly in Delaware County, so much so, that public health officials announced the need to discontinue (at least for now) doing individual contact tracing. Here's what it boils down to. According to a release from Delaware County Public Health, the tools the dept. uses for investigating COVID positive cases are not as helpful when there are spikes in case numbers as the county is experiencing right now. So now what?

For Those Who Test Positive Following a Take-Home COVID Test

Please report your positive test result to Delaware County. Click here to report that.

If You are Positive For COVID or Have Been Exposed to Someone With COVID

Chances are good you won't receive a phone call from a county or state contact tracer. Here's what to do while you are in self-isolation:
- Go to the county health department's webpage: delawarecountypublichealth.com and fill out paperwork for either "Self-Quarantine" (if exposed) or "Self Isolation" (COVID positive). This paperwork must be filled out if you need documentation to return to work or school.
- Check the latest New York State guidelines regarding self-isolation and quarantining. Click here to access.

Suggestions For Others by Health Officials:

• Anyone 5 and older, get fully vaccinated for COVID
• If eligible, get your booster
• Wear a mask in public
• wash hands and social distance

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For the latest local information on COVID-related issues in Delaware County, visit delawarecountypublichealth.com/covid-19.

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