Who's excited for spring trout season? The lakes are being restocked and are near ready for anglers everywhere.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has begun restocking the many watersheds of the state. Each year they stock over 2.3 million brook, brown and rainbow trout in more than 300 lakes and ponds each spring.


To make information easier to the public, they have listed stocking waters per country on their website. They are broken down by planned stocking numbers, species, and the time those waters can be fished during the spring. This information is updated annually every March.

When navigating the DEC's portal, you are able to search for information in a more easy-to-access way. Search by County, Town or Waterbody. You will then be given a breakdown in accordance to your search.

Fly Fishing

A majority of the charts for counties in Central New York show restocking will go into effect in either late April or late May. Exact days aren't given, they are only mapped out by which week of the month the DEC is predicting.

If you're interested in checking out the lists for yourself, you can access the website by clicking here. There is a breakdown for every single county. Or you can access the portal and see all the information in one place.

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