David Lee Roth said he was exploring the possibility of a new Las Vegas residency, claiming he was capable of pleasing a wide range of audience types.

The Van Halen frontman appears to have turned away from hinting that his old band was planning to become active again, and recently refocused his attention back to his own projects, including a collaboration with D.J. Armin Van Buuren on his remix of the classic Van Halen track “Jump.”

His latest plans also seemingly include a return to Vegas nearly a quarter century after he staged a first residency and long before it became a popular move for big-name musicians.

Asked about a new run of shows in a solo capacity, Roth told Hollywood Life, “I just pursued this, I was over at the House of Blues yesterday. There’s lots and lots of people requesting.”

On the subject of what his show might be like, he noted that he's "kind of the patron saint of midnight when everybody’s guilty of all ages. It’d transcend neighborhoods. You can be wearing a cowboy hat or you can be wearing five-inch clogs out there with sparkles in your hair. You can have dreadlocks or a crew cut, you can wear a military uniform to work or you can wear a bikini to work, and you know what David Lee Roth brings to the proceedings."

Roth’s first residency took place in 1995 and featured a 14-piece band named the Blues-Bustin’ Mambo Slammers, which included Nile Rodgers and Edgar Winter. The singer refuting the widely held assumption at the time that going to Vegas marked the end of an artist’s career. “Las Vegas is what’s new," he said then. "It’s what’s happening right now. It’s very hip.”

In the new interview, D.J. Van Buuren – who just began his own Vegas residency – said he was delighted to discover there was never an official remix of “Jump” until he decided to do one.

“I was a fan of the song,” he explained. “I was when I was little kid, seven, eight years old. … I got the original stems from the 1982 recording and I synced up those stems, which was kind of hard work because back in the day, there was no click track.”

You can listen to the new remix below.

He admitted it was a “challenge,” but said he "like[d] challenges, and the software now makes it possible. I think you know the message of the song, ‘Jump,’ other than everybody jumping because that’s so obvious, but the message of the original song is still very relevant now.”

“I was on board before Armin had the idea,” Roth added. “I said that somebody is going to have the idea of putting some boom in the room with this and taking it way past where it was, and I think that’s what Armin did.”



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