Kinks guitarist Dave Davies released a video for his reflective song “Web of Time,” which appears on his recent album Decade, a collection of previously unreleased tracks he wrote and recorded in the ‘70s.

The material was shelved as he decided to take his career in a different direction, but was recently assembled and modernized by his sons Simon and Martin Davies.

“'Web of Time' is a previously unreleased song I wrote and recorded in the mid-1970s, which has been embellished for the Decade album," Davies said in a statement. "It's about my feelings and reflections about where we stand as people and what we are doing to each other, why we do the things we do. Questioning life –  is it just chaos or is there more to it? I think it's poignant for these times."

You can watch the video below.

“It’s interesting to tune into the mindset of all that time ago, but there’s certain things that never really change," Davies said in a recent interview with UCR. "Certain views that I had of the world, I still hold. But points of view change over the years, and they should do, I think.”

He added that the biggest lesson he’d learned from working on Decade was “never throw anything away." "It's so amazing," he added. "You write a little passage and you go, ‘No, it’s crap,’ but you keep it, then you write something else a couple of years later and go, ‘Hang on, that’ll fit with so-and-so.’ You shouldn’t throw anything away. Especially ideas. Maybe some food that’s gone by its sell-by date – throw that away!"

Davies will tour the U.S. in April next year. You can see details at his website.

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