Celebrations marking Creedence Clearwater Revival’s 50th anniversary kicked off with the release of the first-ever video for their classic song “Fortunate Son."

At the same time, Craft Recordings hopes to reach a new generation of fans with a slew of upcoming activities.

Originally released in 1969, "Fortunate Son" immediately became an anti-Vietnam War anthem. Writer John Fogerty had been inspired by his experience in the U.S. Army Reserve, and he realized that children of senior politicians and business leaders were unlikely to have their lives put at risk. “It made me so angry that the rich old men make the war, and the poor young men have to fight it,” he said in 2007.

You can watch the new video below.

“Beyond its anti-war sentiment, ‘Fortunate Son’ is an anthem for the 99 percenters, condensing a critique of elitism and class privilege into three simple but powerfully defiant words: It Ain't Me," Craft Recordings said in a statement. “The [CCR 50th-anniversary] celebration is about writing a new chapter in the band’s history, giving longtime fans new ways to engage with Creedence’s legacy and creating pathways for younger generations to discover their timeless, all-American sound.”

“For me, protest right now is just showing pure positivity in the face of division and anger," the video's director, Ben Fee, noted.

"I wanted to highlight the community and positivity that everybody shares. ... I wanted to show what America feels like when you actually hit the road and drive throughout the States. I met so many beautiful people. I went to the Taos Pueblo people, into their land, and met with the war chief, and they were very big fans of CCR. They were so welcoming because they knew the song and the band, and they really loved the idea of protest through positivity."



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