Sometimes you are driving along and seeing people doing something and wonder, "what is going on here" and that is a question that popped up in minds of many (no doubt) driving along US Highway 20 in East Springfield this past Sunday morning, August 15. A couple was seen walking by passersby carrying heavy backpacks, a K.I.A. flag, and an American flag. What's that about?

Credit: Otsego County Sheriff's Office, Facebook
Credit: Otsego County Sheriff's Office, Facebook

It's actually quite an endeavor set forth by this pair: Sean Patrick and Linda Transki. According to the Otsego County Sheriff's Office, the two were in Otsego County on a ruck march", loaded up with their necessities and the two flags with a goal of walking 300 miles, while raising awareness and funds for military veterans, veterans' families, and veteran organizations as part of K.I.A. Memorial Road March, a non-profit fundraiser.

Their journey began at the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame in Albany and it will end in Buffalo, NY with the goal of raising $50,000 and honoring the fallen.

To find out more about the K.I.A. Memorial Road March visit

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