Hey, Kit Kat -- give us a break. Please.

Anyone with a hankering for Kit Kat and Hall's Mentho-Lyptus can have all their cravings met by taking a flight to Japan and purchasing the Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji, which is a cough drop flavor of the iconic chocolate treat.

The chocolate is made with a hair more than two percent throat lozenge powder per serving, giving it that burst of cough syrup goodness you never knew you needed, mostly because no one in his or her right mind needs it.

Bars go for about $1.25 apiece and will only be available until September 10. After that, you'll just have to make due by swigging Robitussin like it's Gatorade.

Nestle has quite the penchant for whipping up bizarre Kit Kat flavors for its Japanese market. It previously created bars that taste like soy sauce, French salt and sweet potatoes. So, make a mental note: when you go to Japan, make sure to pack your own Kit Kats.

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