Have you ever attended a Billy Joel concert? I have a few times, but it's been a long time. I think the last time I saw one of his concerts was in Albany and it was an amazing show.

Of course, all of Billy Joel's concerts are amazing. He is quite the entertainer. See what I did there?

The Piano Man has performed many times at various venues across New York State, including performing at SUNY Cortland in 1972 and 1974. And what's really amazing is, the piano he played during those two concerts is still there!

According to the SUNY Cortland website, the piano is a Steinway and is still being used by the performing arts students at the campus.

The campus decided it was time to celebrate during a ceremony featuring Brandon Upton, a musical theater major, who performed Billy Joel's "Vienna" on the piano. SUNY Cortland University dedicated the Steinway as the Billy Joel Piano. The website reports that Billy Joel sent a statement of appreciation and was read at the ceremony by the Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Peter Perkins:

“I’m grateful that SUNY Cortland students are still able to play the same piano that I performed on back in ’72 and ’74. Thank you to SUNY Cortland for your dedication to music education and enriching the lives of today’s young people through music.” - Billy Joel

The dedication was held at the SUNY Cortland campus on September 29th, which included some of the alumni who returned for the event. This dedication is part of an initiative raising awareness of the era 1960 through 1990 when major musicians performed at college campuses, including SUNY Cortland during the times before the benefits of the internet and social media.

[via SUNY Cortland]

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