Predicting winter storms and how quickly we response to them, has been an ongoing mission, especially for area’s like New York and Pennsylvania, who can be pummeled with snow during those months.

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The researchers at Cornell University are developing plans for a hyperlocal weather forecasting system, that will improve how quickly we respond to winter storms.

The plan also includes ways to improve our coordinated efforts during natural disasters, most importantly in our rural communities.

According to a news release from Cornell University, these plans are part of a Civic Innovation Challenge, which is an eleven-million-dollar collaboration, between the National Science Foundation, partnering with the US Department of Energy, and the Department of Homeland security.

This plan is part of a four month challenge, with a goal of empowering communities to develop local weather and disaster solutions.

In the News release, Max Zhang who is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, says “As upstate towns usually have a limited budget, we’re tying together technology and actions plans.

Zhang points out the need for critical information, as to what areas the highway departments should send the plows and salters first.

It is the overall goal of this plan to one day scale up regionally and possibly nationally.

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