The 2021 Cooperstown Winter Carnival is going on this week until the 21st. There are a variety of activities offered as part of the carnival, some of which are virtual due to the coronavirus. Those joining in on Winter Carnival fun can enjoy everything from a Storybook Trail Hike on Parslow Road to creative activities and talent contests to an Octet Winter Challenge and even a Medallion Hunt. There are plenty of offerings to choose from despite some limitations on gatherings on this year.

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Speaking of the Medallion Hunt, one medallion  was found by the O’Brien family this past Tuesday, within the Village proper in a public park after only one clue! However, since it was found so quickly, there will be a second medallion to search for that history lovers in the community will enjoy. Clues will be given out on the Cooperstown Winter Carnival Facebook page and #cooperstownwintercarnival on Instagram starting today at noon.

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