Cooperstown, NY is getting the nod from as #5 on the list of the 20 Best Small Towns 2015.  We all know Cooperstown is well known as the home of baseball since legend has it that the game was invented there by Abner Doubleday in the 1830s but any many know, especially locals, there's a lot more to Cooperstown than baseball.

It made the list due to its multiple assets.  On top of being a beacon for baseball fans, Cooperstown's scenic beauty and cultural attractions put it up near the top of the list.  And of course we can't forget that it's also gaining popularity for those who enjoy good beer and spirits with Brewery Ommegang, Council Rock Brewery, Cooperstown Brewing Company, and the Cooperstown Distillery.

I think that when you live close to an attraction, you take it for granted and may not visit often.  Perhaps now is a good time to rediscover Cooperstown and all its wonders before the tourist season gets into full swing.

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