Last year both the Cooperstown All Star Village in Oneonta and the Cooperstown Dreams Park in Cooperstown had to completely cancel their baseball camps under New York State COVID-19 mandates, however, this coming 2021 season both camps will be open for business.

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Cooperstown All Star Village had already announced their reopening plans and now Cooperstown Dreams Park has announced that operations at the camp and participation will look different this summer but it will indeed be open. For starters, players 12 and over will be required to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine before being allowed to attend this summer. Officials state the following regarding the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine for those attending camp:

Cooperstown Dreams Park is hopeful that the vaccines will be available a minimum of twenty-one days prior to any registration date. Cooperstown Dreams Park will, if necessary modify registration date by registration date until a vaccine is available for 12 year old and older.

Officials also say "the requirement ensures the necessary key elements of family participation, camper interaction and safe visits to the Cooperstown area." Those campers who are under the age

When it comes to visiting family members, those 12 years and older are also required to have their COVID-19 immunizations in order to be allowed in. Along with COVID-19 immunization, other vaccines are required as well. In addition, no registered visitors will be allowed in.

If you're wondering if the camp will be operating at it's usual capacity, the answer is no and on the Cooperstown Dreams Park website, officials simply state that it will be "reduced capacity" for the 2021 season but they anticipate being "full capacity" for the 2022 season.

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