If you've been thinking about getting any type of camper or RV for a fun vacation adventure that's safe and often less expensive than staying in hotels then we've got just the thing where you will find the largest selection of Rv's and campers from around New York State all in one place. The CNY RV Show is coming to the New York State Fairgrounds March 3 - March 6 and it's all indoors in 4 giant-sized buildings.

CNY RV Show, Facebook
CNY RV Show, Facebook

Seven dealers will be showing off a huge selection and you can see everything from the most modest camper to the fanciest Rv's with all the bells and whistles at this show. The cost of admission is $12 per person, although, on Sunday, it's reduced to $10. That's where we come in. Five people are going to win four tickets to this great show. Just register below for your chance to win. Leslie Ann will announce the winners during the morning show on March 1.

Find out more about the show at CNYRVSHOW.com.

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