A rivalry is quickly starting to beef up between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers. On Sunday, Clay Matthews hit Colin Kaepernick up high when the Niners' QB was clearly out of bounds, and it looks like the NFL may discipline Matthews. 

On the play in question, Kaepernick was running toward the sideline, when Matthews went to tackle him. The manner of which Matthews tackled him is a bit odd for someone who was clearly headed out of play.

Matthews was called for a personal foul, and the call started a mini brawl on the sideline. The personal foul on Green Bay was offset, and San Francisco got to replay the down.

All week leading up to the game, the Packers—Clay Matthews in particular—said they would be trying to go after Kaepernick. They may have accomplished that, but the 49ers came away with the 34-28 win.

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