Look, you know it's a long season for your team when one of the highlights involves household appliances.

The Cincinnati Reds are mired in a very disappointing season in which the playoffs look about as distant as the Golden Gate Bridge. So, to maintain some level of fan interest, the team decided to go with a gimmick that seems more at home on the minor league circuit.

Sean McCarthy was brought in at a recent game to set the record for longest washing machine toss, which he did when he fired it 15 feet, nine inches. We don't know how much the machine weighed, but, c'mon, does that really even matter? We all know it's heavy.

If only this stunt had been held back in the '70s. It could've been billed as the "Big Red Washing Machine." Of course, those teams were busy winning pennants and probably wouldn't have needed to host such gimmicks.

Take a look at McCarthy's feat below:

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