Remember when the plaza off Harry L Drive in Johnson City was announced? We were excited to find out what new stores would be coming to our area. The plaza has seen national chains such as Toys-R-US, Lumber Liquidators, Party City, Petco, Five Below, and Christmas Tree Shops.

The only change over the years has been Toys-R-US stores leaving, replaced by Ocean State Job Lots. Now word is that one of the stores in the plaza will be having a name change. According to CBS News, Boston, Christmas Tree Shops are branding their name to CTS, in addition to modernizing and improving the shopping experience.

According to the article, back in 2020, Christmas Tree Shops were sold to new owners. They have stated that business has increased 35 percent, and there are plans to open more stores in the next year under the new name CTS.

Stores have been opened recently in locations beyond the East Coast, and the Christmas Tree Shops name may have been confusing for customers, thinking they only sell holiday items or just Christmas trees, but we know that's not the case.

The Globe Newswire website states that the Christmas Tree Shops (sorry, CTS)  has been around for 50 years, with the first store on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. CTS now has 80 stores in 20 states.

One of our Townsquare Media sister stations, Fun 107 New Bedford, Massachusetts, says that the new owners of the Christmas Tree Shops (CTS) are Handil Holdings LLC in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

via CBS News Boston, Globe Newswire, Fun 107 

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