It's the truth: sometimes, parents have to get creative when it comes to getting their kids to do what they say.

I remember as a kid, my mom had clever ways to get me to do something. Now that I'm spending time around children more and more frequently, I find myself doing the same. Whether it be turning dinner into a contest to see who can eat all their broccoli first to get the little ones to eat their vegetables, or doing the "ten second tidy" courtesy of the 90's television show, The Comfy Couch, it's the "hacks" that help make it easier.

If you've been looking for ways to get your children to listen, here's some ways that Central New York parents make it happen, according to a survey.

Central NY Parents Use These Hacks to Get Kids to Do Stuff

1.  Telling them their teeth will fall out if they don't brush.

2.  Keeping them busy by getting them to do your housework with you.

3.  Letting them pick something at the grocery store if they behave.

4.  Getting them excited about dinner by having them help with the cooking.

5.  Asking them to read a page of a book before you read a page.

6.  Challenging them to a race to see who can clean up the fastest.

7.  Making them do chores before they get rewards.

8.  Telling them they can't have dessert until they finish their healthy food.

9.  Rewarding them with screen time.

10.  Giving them options that accomplish the same goal, like "Do you want to get dressed now or in a few minutes?"

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