Canoe Regatta Weekend
Considering The General Clinton Canoe Regatta's humble beginning back in 1963 with 45 entries into the 70 mile race on the Susqehanna River from Cooperstown to Bainbridge, it's come a very long way!
The Cider Run Is Coming
The fifth annual Cider Run is set for 10:00 AM, on Saturday, April 22nd, at the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek, NY. It will feature a 10K run, a 5K run, and a 5K walk.
Summer Rec Registration
For the 4th year, the Oneonta Family YMCA  will be collaborating with the City of Oneonta for the Summer Parks & Recreation programs.
Rollerskating & Bowling, Oh My!
If you're looking for something fun to do, do you ever consider bowling or rollerskating?  Leslie Ann and Big Chuck muse about these long-time favorite American recreational activities.
Listen below
Local Outdoor Fun
By: Kelli Whitman
For an area that snows for a good portion of the year, it may seem like there aren’t any fun outdoor activities to take part in, but you would be wrong! Try out these local activities if you are ready for some fun and aren’t afraid of a little snow...

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