Ever wonder what happened to actress Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)?  Apparently, she's a singer (I think we should use that term loosely) and was working as the guest star on a Caribbean cruise on the Holland America Eurodam.

In case you didn't know, Fisher is bi-polar and was reportedly in a bit of a manic state during the cruise. A source reported that she went swimming in Half Moon Bay with all her clothes on, then showed up later for her 8:30 show seeming "trashed and incoherent."  To be fair, that could have been a result of her disorder as opposed to being under the influence of anything.  The funniest part of her show was that her dog joined her on stage and relieved itself happily right on stage to the delight of the audience.  Sometimes, you just gotta "go with it".  No pun intended.

See Carrie Fisher perform during her dog's doo-doo incident.

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