Bonnie Fiegel and her husband Scott are spending their retirement, and their kid's inheritance, following the Buffalo Bills around the country. All while Bonnie battles cancer.

The Pendleton, New York couple, who have been married for 33 years, have cheered on their beloved Bills through the years while working and raising 4 children. "We've been Bills fans for as long as I can remember," said Bonnie. "We went to a couple of games each year but it was always my dream to do them all."

Shortly after Bonnie retired in 2019, she found out she had bladder cancer. "I've had 18 tumors removed so far and when my husband finally retired this year we decided this is the year to fulfill my dream."

Bonnie and Scott have been to every Bills game so far and have the rest of the season already planned out from flights and car rentals to driving in their motorhome. They've even scheduled Bonnie's doctor's appointments around the games. "My doctor is awesome and is in full support of my journey. He has been able to remove tumors while they are tiny and I haven’t had to go into the hospital for removal since my first diagnosis in 2019."

At each game, the couple takes pictures inside and outside the stadium with a flag that says they are spending their kid's inheritance. "Our kids are in full support of our travels," said Bonnie. "They even helped us design the flag. They think it is awesome we are doing this. We take our flag and change out the number each week."

The kids aren't the only ones loving it. "We have run into people who ask if they can have a picture with us," Bonnie explained. "It’s been a great experience so far and hopefully we will only see victory from here on out."

Bonnie and Scott are excited for the rest of the regular season and have high hopes for the playoffs. "We don’t know where the playoffs will take us but we will be there," said Bonnie. "We are working on Super Bowl tickets but haven’t had any luck getting those yet and we're not sure if we will be able to afford them. But I truly believe we will make it all the way."

Buffalo Bills Fan Battling Cancer Fulfilling Dream to See Every Game

Bonnie and Scott Fiegel are spending their retirement, and their kid's inheritance, following the Buffalo Bills around the country, all while Bonnie battles cancer.

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