With 280,000 residents, Buffalo is New York State's second-largest city.  Most people automatically think of a basket of delicious Buffalo wings or the football giants, the Buffalo Bills when they hear the city's name. And rightfully so, those are two hallmarks of the city with well-deserved clout.

However, there is so much more to the unique Upstate New York city. It is a fantastic place of history, art and culture, natural beauty, a rabid sports fan base, and some top-notch restaurants. If you have never taken a trip to this one of a kind city, we're about to give you 10 reasons why you need to start planning one now.

This gallery showcases ten of the city's most important and fascinating historic places.  They include enthralling museums, famous homes with incredible stories, local and visitor favorite restaurants, a historic cemetery, the birthplace of Buffalo Hot Wings, a presidential inauguration site, and perhaps the most unique urban landscape feature in the entire state of New York.  Oh, and the tallest city hall in the land as well!

It is bucket list time for all you road warriors out there.  And Buffalo is your next destination! For those of you who have taken the trip to Buffalo before (or are native to the city of Buffalo) let us know what stops you'd recommend to any new traveler to the area. While we picked our 10 favorites, there is certainly more to see in Buffalo.

10 Of the Most Important Historic Sites To See in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, our state's second-largest city, is replete with historic landmarks from one end to the other. If, by chance, you are visiting on a limited-time schedule, here are ten of the most important sites to put on your bucket list.

They include buildings, museums, a historic restaurant, and one of the most unusual urban landscape highlights you will see anywhere. All are in the Buffalo area, with two spectacular stops just minutes from downtown.

Road warriors take note...some fascinating history took place in the great city of Buffalo!

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