New York's seatbelt law is getting an update that goes into motion this weekend.

And the new requirement is for all passengers in your vehicle to buckle up. According to a News 10 story, starting this Sunday, November 1st passengers riding in the backseat over 16 years of age now must wear a seatbelt. The current law only requires front-seat passengers to wear their seatbelt. Passengers under 16 have always been required to buckle up in any seat in a vehicle. News 10 spoke with Kurt Edwards, the Chief of Trauma and Critical Care at Albany Med, who said passengers not wearing seatbelts rarely survive a crash. So there is a real safety benefit to this law.

State laws and requirements have certainly been a hot topic of late, especially with the mask mandates. While I am no fan of government over-reach, laws like this don't make me feel inconvenienced and can really help to keep the public safe. One side of the argument says common sense should always prevail with these types of scenarios and we do not need laws to help us manage our own personal safety. But, sometimes in our busy lives having a reminder to take that extra step to stay safe is not necessarily a bad thing.

Now tax laws, that is a whole other story to get really fired up about and a HUGE inconvenience. But, that is a story for another day. Stay safe out there and make sure you start buckling up in the front or backseat starting this Sunday. It's now the law!

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