Keanu Reeves: Actor. Artist. Filmmaker. And now, comic book creator and eternal warrior.

Those last two go hand-in-hand. Reeves recently co-created a comic series for Boom! Studios called BRZRKR, which stars a very Keanu-esque protagonist who just so happens to be an immortal fighting his way through the centuries. The book, co-created by Matt Kindt, has sold well since its first release and now it’s caught the attention of Netflix, who’s ready to go BRZK too.

As announced on the company’s official Twitter page, BRZRKR will become a “live action film AND follow-up anime series.” Reeves will produce and star in the BRZRKR film, and voice his character in the anime series.

Playing an immortal is a very appropriate role for Reeves, since it looks like he hasn’t aged in the last 25 years. (He’ll next be seen in The Matrix 4, reprising his role as Neo from literally 20 years ago.)

BRZRKR is the latest example of Netflix looking to compete with Marvel and DC in the comic-book market by snatching up independent properties. They bought writer Mark Millar’s company so they could turn his books into movies and series; the first, Jupiter’s Legacy, premieres on Netflix on May 7. And one of their biggest current series is The Umbrella Academy, based on the Dark Horse comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. That show has already been renewed for a third season.

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