As we learned from 'Breaking Bad''s latest final episodes teaser, AMC isn't very likely to part with new footage from the final eight installments, at least before the coming August 11 premiere. Along with our own means to celebrate the history of 'Breaking Bad' however, ScreenJunkies have put together their patented "Honest Trailer" for the AMC meth drama, one "so good, it got TV snobs to finally shut up about 'The Wire'."

Of course, the 'Breaking Bad' Honest Trailer is packed to the gills (Gilligans?) with wall-to-wall spoilers from the show's five-season run, so don't dare watch it without first binge-watching the entire series to date on Netflix. Seriously, you don't want to know just how many breakfast scenes unfold in total silence!

Meanwhile, among the recent photos and teasers of ‘Breaking Bad’s ultimate eight episodes, executive producer Peter Gould ominously warned of the final episodes, “We wouldn’t have brought an M-60 into the show if we didn’t know we were going to have a hell of a finish.” Bryan Cranston too has warned us of the ultimate end, which series creator Vince Gilligan once called a "triumph" for Walter White, but Cranston suggested to take a dark turn for the White family at large.

Only 5 more days till 'Breaking Bad' cooks up its final premiere, so check out the Honest Trailer above, and give us your predictions for the final installments in the comments!

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