The last thing you expect to come across when playing miniature golf is a litter of mewing bobcats in one of the course's obstacles but that's exactly what happened this past weekend to some players at the Barnyard Swing on Route 28, just south of Cooperstown.

According to the Barnyard Swing facebook page, some young children who were playing mini golf discovered the young bobcats and alerted adults without trying to touch them.  The New York State Department of Conservation was contacted and ended up removing the bobcats due to concerns of the vulnerable animals being too close to a busy Route 28.  They have been removed to a safe location.

It turns out that bobcats are indigenous to most of North America and according to, are very adaptable to different environments.  They are nocturnal and are quite shy so are rarely seen.  If you do happen to see one, consider yourself lucky and as with any wild animal, keep your distance.

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