Once again, we're all reminded of water safety following a tragic incident at Canadarago Lake in Otsego County. According to New York State Police, on Saturday, July 31, a little after 10:30 am, troopers were sent out to locate a man who had gone out in his boat which had been discovered adrift on the lake.

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In the search, Troopers were joined by members of the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department, State Park Police, Richfield EMS, Fly Creek EMS, and the Milford Fire Department.

An investigation revealed that 54-year-old David M. Morrissey of Mohawk, NY had gone ashore to Dewongo Island, located on the lake, and noticed his boat had drifted away from the shore. He drowned after trying to swim after it.

Morrissey was recovered from the lake several hours later by the New York State Police Underwater Recovery Team.

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