Excitement for Black Sabbath's upcoming studio album '13' is reaching a fever pitch with metal fans worldwide. As the sacred June 11 release date of '13' draws nearer, Sabbath fanatics are scrambling to absorb as much information about the record as humanly possible, and who better to bring you that info than Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack Osbourne.

Jack Osbourne is the newest reporter for Fuse News, and as somewhat of a VIP in the world of Sabbath, Jack Osbourne recently scored an interview with Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler at the band's listening party to chat about the trio's first album together since 'Never Say Die!' in 1978. After Jack asked the three Sabbath legends if there was any sort of trepidation about recording a new album, Ozzy replied, "The pressure was on us, because it had been so long since we'd worked together … it's like now or never. This album, for me, was probably the most important of my career."

A notably healthy-looking Tony Iommi also threw in this two cents about the writing process of '13.' "I had a bunch of riffs on CDs and played it to everybody, and then everybody decided, 'We like this one' or 'We don't like that,' and the ones we liked, we started work on them -- built them up."

Jack Osbourne also asked Sabbath if they had any apprehensions about working with legendary producer Rick Rubin, who maintains a reputation of being very "in-and-out." "It was funny at first, because coming to rehearsals, when we were actually writing the songs, he'd come down for like, five or ten minutes and then go," Iommi describes. "Then he'd go, 'Call me when you've got another one.' So it was really strange, we'd never worked with anybody like that before."

The funniest part of the interview comes at the very end, when Jack asks the band if they have any last words. We'll let you watch the clip below to see Ozzy's hilarious answer.

We attended that very same listening party for Black Sabbath's '13,' hearing the entire album front-to-back. We were blown away by the album, and offered a detailed track-by-track description of what fans can expect. Check out Jack Osbourne's full piece on Black Sabbath's '13' in the player below.

Black Sabbath Talk About '13' with Jack Osbourne

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