So much excitement for Binghamton as our little town and it's mighty arts community continues to catch the attention of the world. This time, through a special which aired on CBS Sunday Morning.

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Binghamton is making a name for itself in the arts world and a huge amount of credit for the recognition goes to a man named Joshua Bernard, co-founder of Luma, and his vision to bring a lights festival to the faces of our magnificent buildings, transforming them into something absolutely magical.

Luma Festival was founded in Binghamton in 2015 and it is a Projection Arts Festival which is a co-production of Luma Arts INC with support from the City of Binghamton, Broome County, and the state of New York.

The first year that the Luma Festival was launched, organizers anticipated that maybe 3,000 people would show up. Their figures were off. Instead, 30,000 people showed up and each year, even in the midst of a pandemic, that number continues to grow.

Luma Festival uses an army of artists along with powerful projectors and 3D animation and somehow, it's as though Binghamton buildings come to life through sheer magic. However, Luma Festival is more than just bringing buildings to life, it is the art of storytelling and it is something truly magical.

So magical is Luma Festival that it caught the attention of CBS Sunday Morning. In a post on social media, Bernard explained that the piece was filmed by a crew from CBS Sunday Morning in September of 2021. It features Bernard, Tice Lerner, and of course, Binghamton in a special on CBS Sunday Morning about projection lights festivals. The special aired on CBS on Sunday morning, January 30.

Preparations for Luma Festival 2022 are already underway and the lights show is scheduled to take place on Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10, 2022.

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