Billy Idol says he’s undergone another procedure as his months-long battle with a sinus infection continues.

He has to "take a further two types of antibiotics to beat this MRSA sinus infection," Idol confirmed on Twitter. He said it was a two-week cycle, and that "he should be okay after this."

Idol’s health woes were first made public back in February when he withdrew from a previously announced tour alongside Journey in order to deal with this Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection – a decision which Idol said left him “absolutely gutted.”

“I haven’t felt like myself since December with a sinus infection that won’t respond to medication,” Idol explained at the time. “It has worsened to the point where I have no choice but to have a procedure, which I expect will put me on a path to recovery soon.”

That path, however, seems to have been rocky. Idol had sinus surgery on Feb. 16, then told fans two days later that he was “feeling well.”

Idol followed with an update on Feb. 23, saying he'd completed “part two of my sinus surgery today – a procedure to remove infection and blood clots. It turns out I had a MRSA infection, resistant to most antibiotics.” Idol required IV treatment when these initial antibiotics failed to clear things up.

MRSA is an infection which has become resistant to antibiotics typically used to treat ordinary staph bacteria. It can affect various parts of the body, including but not limited to a person’s bloodstream, lungs, heart and bones. Though the majority of patients recover with further treatment, MRSA can become deadly if left untreated.

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