It was cool (68-degrees) and sunny when the first Oneonta 4th of Jul parade in decades started snaking its way down Main Street.  Everybody was excited including a crowd that began staking their parade route spots more than a half hour before the first vehicle came down the street!  I had a ball emceeing the parade.  Here are some photos:

Lots of people were waving Old Glory...both the old and the young!
The three patriotic girls were sure dressed for the occasion !

There were plenty of live entertainment acts along the parade route:

Of course what would a 4th of July parade be without some classic cars!

Oneonta parades are known far and wide for their one of a kind giant puppets.  We have seen them for years and they are always a welcome addition to any "City of the Hills" event.  It was good to see our big, tall lovable old friends again!

One of the most amazing sights of the parade was the brand new 40-ton, $2-million dollar portable hospital.  It was built in Oneonta by Medical Coaches for the Siemens company.  It was towed in the parade by the biggest truck Seward's Sand and Gravel could muster.  This medical vehicle was so enormous I really couldn't get a good photo of it.  So I waited for it to pass and snapped a shot just to show you what it looked like lumbering down the center strip of Main Street.  It was very cool!

And bringing up the rear, keeping an eye out to make sure everything went safe and smoothly, was our good friend Oneonta Police Chief Dennis Nayor.

This was a fun parade for me to emcee and I hope it becomes an annual July 4th event!