Oneonta. It’s more than the sum of its parts. Here are 5 things about the City of the Hills that are universally loved.

1. Cold Cheese Pizza

New York's Largest Slice of Pizza - Super Slice in Yonkers, NY
Photo via The Pizza Barn

Sure, Oneonta has a rich history in higher education and railroads, but ask any Oneonta resident what is synonymous with the city, and they’re bound to blurt out: “cold cheese pizza!" Offered at most local pizza joints downtown, but most closely associated with Tino’s Pizza – who bill themselves as “the home of the original cold cheese” – this local culinary unicorn is a hot cheese slice with more mozzarella cheese on top straight from the cooler. The first bite marries the coolness of the cheese with the heat of the slice, by the time you get to the crust, it can be warm and gooey. This is one to experience for yourself. Over and over.

2. Briggs Pool, Wilber Park


If you want to feel like you’re swimming at an old, gala Castkills resort, Briggs Pool is for you. Surrounded by lush, tall pine trees and a pool house with vintage architecture, this expansive pool has room for all during the warm months, and is located within Wilber Park, one of Oneonta’s untouched spaces.

3. Fall Foliage

Credit - Yoav Hornung via Unsplash
Credit - Yoav Hornung via Unsplash

Fall in our corner of the world is a spectacle to behold. Leaf peepers from everywhere imaginable flock to Oneonta and the surrounding areas to take in endless stretches of colorful roadways. Make sure you’re doing it right though, these excursions require a stop for apple cider and doughnuts along the way. It’s a rule. I made that up, tell the others.

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4. Foothills Performing Arts Center


The Foothills has positioned itself as the Swiss Army Knife of performance, entertainment, and community in Oneonta. Equal parts local theater space, concert venue, and performance art hub, the Foothills brings people together. This fall, they are kicking off their inaugural “SHOCK-TOBERFEST”, a spooky season-themed event culminating in a fully interactive screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

5. Table Rock

Sometimes you just want to get above it all for serenity or giggle at people that look like ants. Whichever your pleasure, the Table Rock trails are located on the campus of Hartwick College. The five-mile looping trail system will take you past the massive stone slabs that give the area its name. The hike’s payoff are the unparalleled views of Oneonta.

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