What is an Odyssey of the Mind?  And how can it take you to Florida?  This is a creative problem-solving program involving students and they work as a team to solve the problem.  Then it's all about the presentation of their solution at a competition.  To answer the second question, you get to Florida by being darn good at it.

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The Odyssey of the Mind team from Sherburne-Earlville is the best in New York State! Since the team comprised of– Jennifer Adsit, Lillie Ashton, Maleah Britton, Anna Fern, Lily French, Justiss Kovack, and Peter Peschel – captured first place that means they are headed to the Sunshine state.  This squad led by their teacher/coach Heidi Johnson will compete in the World Finals this Friday and Saturday in Orlando.

In light of this outstanding achievement, State Senator Peter Oberacker and Assemblyman John Lemondes presented these Odyssey of the Mind students a special New York State Legislative Resolution.   Senator Oberacker said, “The talented Sherburne-Earlville students and their coaches have persevered through difficult circumstances and should be extremely proud of their accomplishments – and I know great victories await.”  While Assemblyman Lemondes added, “The Sherburne-Earlville team has demonstrated great ingenuity and they are true role-models for other students.  I know they will be exemplary representatives of New York State at the upcoming World Finals.”

 We are all hoping this Chenango County based team is as hot as the Orlando Weather.  High temp both Friday and Saturday is projected right around 95 degrees.  Best of luck from everyone back home to the Sherburne-Earlville Odyssey of the Mind Team.

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