We're in the thick of deer hunting season here in Central New York and as far back as I can remember, deer hunting season has been a big deal in our region.  In my own family, my grandfather, father, and brother were deer hunting enthusiasts and actually enjoyed venison dishes, much to my dismay.  Any venison I ever consumed was tough and chewy, not to mention it tasted "gamey".  The people whom I know love and eat a lot of venison say, "It's all how you cook it".  That may be true but I'm personally going to pass if it's offered to me. I've had one too many bad venison dish memories.

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Not being a deer hunter myself, the only fun thing about deer hunting season has always been the silly deer hunting songs.  So no matter if you are a hunter or not, you can appreciate two of the most popular deer hunting songs, both by the Da Yoopers.


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