Social distancing and all the coronavirus restrictions have put a damper on things, but not for two friends making the most of it outside a Herkimer, NY Burger King.

The gentlemen haven't let the coronavirus get them down -- in fact, they're setting the standard for how we should all look at the recent challenges.

Chuck and Bill set themselves up six feet apart at an elegant table for two -- complete with what looks like a Jim Beam bottle holding flowers on a small table. The two men are enjoying their coffee on a sunny day, while talking about the latest news.

Tammie Wing, who snapped the heartwarming photo, say she hopes it goes viral so people can see "that not all things are bad, that you can make the best out of what is happening during these trying times. It is all how you look and accept things in life."

Chuck and Bill are certainly making the most of it -- just by spending time together and enjoying the sunshine. As one commenter on Tammie's says, "Long live the coffee club."

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