Congratulations, you've received the Covid vaccination. Did you get the one and done from Johnson and Johnson's Janssen or the ones that requires two visits, Moderna and Pfizer?

I was lucky to have found an available opening for the Johnson and Johnson Janssen shot. It requires only one visit, and the experience was great. From the time I entered the SUNY Broome Community College ice rink, to the time I left, everything was handled very professionally.

Even the shot itself was painless and much quicker that I imagined it would be. A win win for me! I was told that there may be side effects including feeling a bit under the weather the next day, and of course I was. I tried to make it through work the entire day, but around 10am, I was pretty much done and took the rest of the day off.

But, now it's been two weeks since my vaccination, and I'm planning my first visit to a sit down restaurant this weekend. It's been many months since I've eaten in a restaurant, although I have taken advantage of take out meals many times fro our local restaurants.

So, now that you have had your vaccinations, or plan to do so soon, a bit of advice. You know that Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card you were given? Keep it safe. Right now, it's the only evidence of your vaccination. There currently is no national database of this, so do what you have to do to keep it safe.

Some have had it laminated and keep it safe at home or in a wallet, but the problem with that is, if more information has to be put on the card, it's not going to work if it's laminated. You could also take a picture of it and put that in your wallet while keeping the original safe at home.

Also, don't take a picture of it and put it online/social media. While it may seem harmless, it's one more piece of the puzzle for hackers to try to get complete information on you. Yes, that's a real thing. Don't become a victim of identity theft.

I'll see you soon at many of our local restaurants!

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