How many times have you been in a situation where you needed to get in a visit with your doctor on that day only to be told that there were no appointments available and even worse, you wouldn't be able to see someone for quite a while? Bassett Healthcare Network, in an attempt to address the more immediate needs of patients is offering something new - a self-directed TeleHealth service called E-Visits where you can get the help you need the same day at your convenience with online health care.

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In an email sent out to the network's patients, the service was announced. A person would use the service to get care for a variety of conditions like ear pain, rashes, upper respiratory tract infections, and more. All you need to do is access the service online with your computer, smartphone or tablet. It's different from other telehealth services in that there's no appointment to make, no video chatting or phone conversation with a healthcare professional. You simply complete an online form where you answer questions, sharing symptoms you are experiencing, that takes about 10 minutes to complete. In return, you get a custom treatment plan from a Bassett practitioner within the hour. Basically, it's an online written interview with questions that change based on your responses. If it turns out that you need a higher level of care, then an in-person appointment can be made to address your health condition further.

This is a great option for people who are busy but it's also great for people who want more affordable care - those without medical insurance or those with high deductibles since this service is $25 per use. You only pay if a diagnosis is made.

At this point in time E-Visits are now available adults only (18 and older) and can be accessed in the patient's MyBassett account. Once you sign into your account, you click the “Menu” button, choose E-Visit under the "Find Care" tab, and just follow the on-screen instructions. Children who are Bassett patients can also benefit from this service but parents/guardians need to manually register their children within their own MyBassett account. To learn more about how to register children or get a list of health conditions treatable under this service, visit

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