Last August, Baroness were involved in a bus crash that would forever change their lives. Their vehicle fell 30 feet off the freeway into the woods after crashing through a guardrail and three of the four band members were significantly injured. Knowing that a costly and lengthy recovery process was ahead, three of the band's cohorts -- sound engineer Jason "Loopy" Lupietuu, manager Rennie Jaffe and webmaster Nath Core -- began organizing a fundraising auction using their contacts to help the band.

Now, with many of the items collected, the Baroness Relief Auction is set to begin tomorrow (May 13) at 2PM ET. Each of the auctioned items will be on the block for seven days, with the funds gathered helping to offset the band's medical bills.

In total, there are 100 items in the Baroness Relief eBay account. Some of the top items on the block include Mastodon's Brann Dailor's signed snare drum that he used on the 'Leviathan' album, as well as a signed cymbal, very rare Municipal Waste "coffin" skatedecks, and Meshuggah's Line 6 rack-mounted POD that's been used by the band's guitarists. Kylesa, Coliseum, Circle Takes the Square, Earthless, Neurosis, Red Fang and others have also contributed items.

To see all of the memorabilia on the block, click here. The Baroness Relief page also has a donate option in case you wish to give regardless of winning any of the auction items. Be sure to return here to access the auction once it goes live.