Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining in popularity across the country and here in New York State, Governor Cuomo announced an initiative last year to propel New York State as a nation-leader when it comes to cleaner modes of transportation. Cuomo has plans to  reduce overall statewide carbon emissions 85 percent by 2050.

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So it makes sense that we see are seeing a shift in the auto industry with automakers offering more electric vehicle models. In addition, there are more electric vehicle public charging stations around. If you visit pluginamerica.org, you can locate charging stations near you. Below are EV charging stations in Oneonta. I didn't realize there were so many!

Credit: pluginamerica.org
Credit: pluginamerica.org

If EV curiosity is what you have and you would love to see examples of electric vehicles and talk to people who own one and get a chance to see current models from local auto dealers, then here's a great opportunity: The Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society is holding an Electric Car Show on Saturday, May 22 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Damaschke Field Parking Lot in Oneonta's Neahwa Park. There will be food available at the event. This is a free event to the public to attend. EV owners are invited to register and show off their vehicles. The show is presented as part of the 2021 Climate Action Leadership Program. There is no charge for owners to register their vehicles. The registration deadline is May 10.

To find out more about the EV show, visit doas.us.


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