According to a Oneonta Police Department press release, Tuesday night, Oneonta police officers got more than they bargained for when attempting to arrest 62 year old James A. Hone of Oneonta, NYon an outstanding arrest warrant for Criminal Contempt in the 2nd degree.

When officer Edmund Donley  tried to take Hone into custody at his 8th street home, he barely avoided being run down by Hone as he escaped in his vehicle.  Hone headed to Valleyview Street and was met by a police car road block and Lucas Harvey. Hone proceeded to ram officer Harvey's vehicle three times, disabling it, while officer Harvey was inside the vehicle, causing the officer to sustain minor injuries. Harvey was later treated for for shoulder injuries and released.

Office Donley pursued after Hone who ended up on I-88 heading west and reaching speeds of 80mph.  After taking exit 13, and traveling down Route 205, proceeding east on Airport Road to Winney Hill Road, then heading back towards Chestnut Street in Oneonta, other police had joined in the chase including Oneonta Police Department Sgt. Gallusser, New York State Police, Otsego County Sheriff’s deputies and Environmental Conversation.  Eventually, Hone ended up back on Route 205 where he was boxed in by a tractor trailer in the roadway and police officers.  It was at this point when Hone was the taken into custody without further incident.

Hone faces multiple charges including felony charges of Attempted Assault of a Police Officer with a Weapon, Criminal Possession of Weapon 3rd degree, Criminal Mischief 2nd degree, and Assault 2nd.


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