So far, Jon Anderson's current union with former Yes bandmates Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman has mainly existed as a touring unit. Before too long, however, fans can expect to hear some new music from the trio in the form of a studio album.

Anderson issued an update on the group's future plans during a recent interview with Billboard, revealing that their concert commitments haven't kept them from making fairly substantial progress on their first LP — in fact, he predicted that by summer, they'll have "half an album finished."

Given fans' familiarity with their work together in Yes, it isn't too hard to imagine what the result will sound like. Still, Anderson insists there'll be a few surprises on the album. "It's very different from anything we've done before, which we're pretty happy about," he said. "Hopefully breaking new ground, soundwise."

In the modern record industry — particularly for veteran acts — making an album is only half the battle; there are also countless questions regarding how to release and promote it, and Anderson admits he, Rabin and Wakeman haven't really come to any conclusions in terms of a release plan for whatever they end up recording.

"We don't know the best way to release them yet," he said of the songs. "But we're thinking very positively about new music. If we're lucky enough to get people playing it on the radio, then great. But if not, we've been there many times and we do have many fans all over the world, so we've just got to figure out how to release it for them."

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