If you thought gas prices were high enough, then hold onto your wallet because they could get much higher soon if a group of New York State Senators have their way. Kevin S. Parker (D) of the 21st district is sponsoring Bill S4264A which would raise the gas tax in New York State from its current 43.12 cents per gallon to 55 cents. That's a big jump!

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The goal of this bill:

"Enacts the climate and community investment act. This act seeks to transition NY to 100% renewable energy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, protect workers currently in the fossil fuel industry and support the communities most impacted by climate change and pollution."

According to the Tax Foundation, New York State currently is one of the states in the country for highest gas taxes. California leads the way right now with the highest taxes at 62.47 cents per gallon. If the senate passes this bill, then New York would rank #3, only behind Pennsylvania and California for the highest gas taxes in the nation.  This would not only impact transportation cost but impact the cost of home heating oil as well.

Regardless of whether this proposed bill passes or not, it's clear that the push is on here in our state for all of us to use greener technologies and move away from fossil fuel. Naturally, any transition is going to have growing pains. It does seem rather imminent that we are all going to have to move forward by embracing renewable energy sources because it has to happen regardless of whether or not we like it.

This certainly has me considering my next vehicle choice. Will it be electric? Probably not yet, since I wouldn't have anywhere to plug it in, but some type of hybrid vehicle is high on my list of priorities.


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