We all complain when it rains or snows and it's dark, day after day, and that's what season we're certainly heading into here in Central New York but it's not just something to complain about when you notice you're getting the "blues" every day. And let's face it, the coronavirus pandemic is just adding a whole new layer to the downside of this time of year.

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Lately, I have definitely been feeling those gray sky blues, along with low energy levels.  Usually, I don't start feeling this way until at least December but it seems that it's kicking in very early due to lack of sunshine. Does this sound like you? You also could be suffering from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

According to Webmd.com, women seem to experience SAD more often than men do.  Researchers theorize that those who experience SAD during the fall and winter months have brains that are not producing enough serotonin, that good feeling hormone and sunshine helps produce. The result can be depression, feeling tired, and even weight gain.

If you think that you may be suffering from SAD, make sure you get a diagnosis from your doctor first. An antidepressant may be recommended if symptoms are severe or you can try light therapy which is an easy thing to try before medication, to see if that's all you need.  Click here to get light box recommendations from the Mayo Clinic.

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