Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville recently had a very nice memorial built in memory of two of their beloved giraffes - April & Azizi as reported on the the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.

April was euthanized at the beginning of this month (April 2nd) due to arthritis issues. She was just shy of her 21st birthday (April 18.) April was cremated, and her ashes were returned to the Animal Adventure Park.

Azizi was transferred to The East Texas Zoo and Gator Park, Grand Saline, Texas in early 2020, and passed away October 27 2020. The cause of death according to Wikipedia, was a twisted gut around his cranial mesenteric artery.

"As we put the finishing touches on the park, opening our gates tomorrow for our 9th season, we would like to share with you the memorial erected, in memory of giraffes passed: April & Azizi."- Posted by Animal Adventure Park Facebook Page April 27, 2021

April garnered worldwide attention in 2017 after live streaming during her pregnancy. Tajiri was born on April 15th. According to Wikipedia, by the time the live stream had ended, it had been viewed about 232 million times, and Tajiri's birth was witnessed by just under 1 million, 200 thousand viewers. The world's attention was glued to our small part of the world. During April's lifetime, she produced five calves.

The park park is now open for the 2021 season, and you can find the memorial to April and Azizi near the giraffe yard and feeding deck.

via Animal Adventure Park, Wikipedia

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