If ants are marching into your home, here's 7 DIY tips to get them to march right back out.

We had an ant problem. There wasn't a trail to follow to find out where they were coming from. It was just a random ant, all by it's lonesome, every now and then. But how do you get rid of them?

First, make sure to keep kitchen countertops, floors, and cabinets clean, and never leave uncovered food or drinks out in the open. That's just inviting the ants to invade your home.

Standing water is also an invitation to ants to drink up. Wipe up water and liquid spills. Try to also avoid leaving pots and pans soaking in the sink for more than a few hours at a time

Now that the food is put up and everything is clean, here's a few DIY tips I discovered to keep those ants away.


Use a 50-50 vinegar and water solution or even straight vinegar to spray on the ants. It'll not only kill the ant but help repel them too. I tried this tip and even sprayed all around the edges of the countertops and kitchen floor baseboards. Haven't seen an ant since.


It seems ants don't like the smell of pepper. Sprinkle pepper, black or red, around baseboards and behind your appliances.

Peppermint or Lavender Oil

Peppermint is a natural insect repellent and may not only repel ants but other bugs, including mosquitoes. Spray around windowsills and doorframes to keep them out. Just mix 10 to 20 drops of peppermint or lavender oil with 2 cups of water and spray around the baseboards and windows of your home.

Coffee Grounds

Some says brewed coffee grounds work to keep ants away. Sprinkle the grounds near areas that attract ants. You may need to change after the grounds dry though.

Glass Cleaner & Soap

Mix spray-on glass cleaner with liquid detergent or dish soap. Spray around your home to deter ants from even coming into your home.


Ant don't like the smell of citrus. Squeeze juice around each entrance into your home. Then use the leftover peel to scatter around the entrances.


If you can find the ant trial, sprinkle some cornmeal. The ants will pick it up, take it back to their home and the others will eat it. Ants can't digest cornmeal and it winds up killing the entire nest.

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