The Otsego County Department of Health is reporting that a bat entered the home of an Oneonta family and after being captured, tested positive for rabies on Friday.  The bat was found in a bedroom where children were sleeping. They are now undergoing rabies post exposure treatment. Rabies is considered 100% fatal once symptoms appear. It is 100% preventable if post exposure treatment is started prior to symptoms and the schedule is adhered to.

The DOH states that this time of year they see an increase in calls regarding bats in homes. Young bats are just learning to fly and are more likely to get into living spaces. They can enter through the tiniest of holes and gaps in your home, holes as small as a dime.  To help prevent bats from entering your home, do not leave doors or windows open without screens and make sure the screens are tight.

For more information on rabies and animal bites, call the Otsego County Health Department at 607-547-4230.

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