While the future of Governor Cuomo remains up in the air, one thing that many New Yorkers agree on - and appears quite clear-  is that he should resign or step down.  People are just finding different ways to express it.

As media from all over the Capital Region and beyond hunkered down to cover the explosive sexual harrassment allegations against Governor Cuomo in Albany on Wednesday, there was a message placed high up in the sky this afternoon that couldn't be ignored.

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I personally was able to see the airplane flying over Albany this afternoon, but due to the angle, I had a bit of a difficult time reading what the banner behind the small prop plane said.  Instincts told me that it was more than likely something about Cuomo, and I wasn't wrong.

Morgan Mckay, a reporter for Spectrum News tweeted out the photo along the message that accompanied it:


According to the report from Spectrum News, the message to Governor Cuomo and anyone within range to see was created by a national organization called UltraViolet who the news source says "works to improve the lives of women and girls."

Spectrum News explains that Shaunna Thomas, co-founder and executive director of UltraViolet feels that  "it is obvious to everyone, expect maybe Andrew Cuomo himself, that he is unfit to represent this state and should no longer be the governor of New York, or hold any other public office," says Thomas.

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