Have you been frustrated by all the road construction, including the Dietz Street Parking lot project in Oneonta?  It seems that Oneontans have had to endure road closures, pot hole riddled roads, detours, and road construction dust for months.  Fortunately, it's beginning to pay off. 

Just the other day, I drove down East Street and found myself practically shouting with joy over the fact that Spruce Street was finally finished after a project that started early summer!  I can only imagine how the residents of that area felt, where the construction was going on, but I'm sure they're happy about the large improvement now.

Plantings in the Dietz Street lot
Plantings in the Dietz Street lot

Then there's the Dietz Street parking lot project which almost seems done.  Boxed off areas with plantings have been added throughout the parking lot to beautify and it seemed very impractical at first since there were no parking lines and people didn't know how to park around them.  Now that lines are starting to go in, the awkwardness of parking spots has subsided and the improvement of trees, shrubs and perennials can be appreciated.  I'm sure no one will be grumbling next Spring when all those plants leaf out in their finery and blooms come out as well.

Let's face it, improvements rarely occur without inconvenience.  My advice to those of you who find your self frustrated, as you drive through the mess, is to keep your eye on the prize as they say and remember how nice it's going to be when it's done.

Oh, and by the way, if you're prone to road rage due to being delayed by a road detour, you may want to avoid East Street on October 22nd.  The Oneonta Department of Public Works will be replacing water service at 103 East Street which means East Street will be closed between Hickey Street and Hazel Street from 8am until the work is done.  Traffic will be diverted in both directions via Hickey Street and Hazel Street.  There will be temporary "no parking" signs installed along the detour route.  For questions, call the Department of Engineering at 432-6465.


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